Coke Zero Syrup 10L BIB

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Coke Zero syrup 10L bag-in-boxEnjoy the original Coca-Cola taste you love, with no sugar and no calories and extra savings in bulk packaging.
Get your Reusable Jugging Kit here to store your syrup in convenient 2L jugs.

Save $5 vs buying 2L jugs. 10L box of Diet Coke syrup makes 60L+ of pop at 5:1 ratio. 

BIB's come with mandatory short "enjoy by" dates. Concentrated syrup is very stable and diets will last about 9 months and do not require refrigeration. 

The colder and more carbonated your water the less syrup you'll use. Start with aprx 125ml or 3-4 pumps for a 1L bottle and adjust +/- from there. Experiment with the number of pumps to find the amount that suits your taste.

Syrup: Fill the box with 4x 2L jugs to maximize your shipping value. Friday flat-rate delivery available throughout most of Ontario on orders $20+.

Co2: Co2 deliveries Tuesdays only.

Coke Zero Syrup
Coke Zero Syrup 10L BIB

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