What We Do

We deliver CO2 cylinder exchanges for your home sparkling water maker in the GTA.
We deliver premium quality syrup for a flat-rate throughout Ontario.
We also ship a selection of premium syrup across Canada. Fill the box with 4x 2L for the best value.

For all your DIY beverage needs you can get beer, wine, cider, spirits or pop making supplies across Canada at www.sodacentre.com


Swap your empty CO2 cylinders for full ones right at your door throughout the GTA every Tuesday.
Flat-rate Ontario syrup deliveries every Friday.

Place your order and let us know where to find your empties.

9am Monday cut off for Tuesday delivery.

Tuesday Deliveries:
Place your empties outside, leave them with the concierge or be available to make the exchange in person between 10:30am and 3:30pm.

we deliver to you!

You will receive a text reminder of your delivery and then an email after your delivery. Please contact us anytime by email for questions/concerns.

COMING SOON! Sign up for a CO2 exchange subscription so you never run out of gas!