Diet Cola Syrup (No Aspartame) Fizzy-Pop

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Fizzy-Pop Diet Cola is the perfect blend between Coke and Pepsi to satisfy even the pickiest drinker at a better price and has won over Coke Zero lovers as well. Sweetened with sucralose. 

Virtually caffeine free with only .003g of caffeine per 1L vs 34g in a 12oz can of coke.


Pops are a 5:1 ratio. The colder and more carbonated your water the less syrup you'll use. Start with aprx 125ml or 3-4 pumps for a 1L bottle and adjust +/- from there. Experiment with the number of pumps to find the amount that suits your taste.

Fill the box with 4x 2L and don't forget the syrup pump!

Syrup: Fill the box with 4x 2L jugs to maximize your shipping value. Friday flat-rate delivery available throughout most of Ontario on orders $20+.

Co2: Co2 deliveries Tuesdays only.

Diet Cola Syrup (No Aspartame)
Diet Cola Syrup (No Aspartame) Fizzy-Pop

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