Why Sodastream? More benefits than you thought.

I can't deny that I am not somewhat addicted to my bubble water and I really miss it when it's not around. Luckily, it turns out our bubble water is pretty healthy choice, especially because being properly hydrated comes with some wonderful health benefits. Being hydrated helps with weight management, it helps aid our digestion and can reduce constipation. Also, if drinking bubble water keeps you from drinking other less desirable beverage options, it is also a big win. Store bought sodas, juices, flavored waters etc. often come with a complicated ingredient list with sugars (or sugar alternatives) and other not so great additives. 

Another less considered benefit, is that to the environment. Single use plastic is everywhere and we all need to do our part to reduce this type of waste. Using our Sodastreams instead of buying that store bought bottle of water certainly helps reduce this type of plastic waste.

To sum up, keep loving your Sodastream because it helps:

- reduce single-use plastic waste

- keeps you hydrated 

- in weight management, improved digestion and the reduction of constipation from increased hydration.

- healthier option compared to store bought soda! Ditch the sugar & phosphorus.

- tastes great!



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